Political Awareness- Why?- Constitution of INDIA
# Voting Rights
# Property Selling Rights
# 2/3 of Lok Sabha
# Govt. in 50% of Indian States
# 2/3 of Rajya Sabha
Voter’s Turn-Out
Tactical Voting
Voter IDs
qEducational Institutes
qHealthcare Facilities
qPressure Group
qMilli Council
500+ Volunteers
qData Mining
qLocal Volunteers
Political Awareness- 2019- Project Plan
1. Voter IDs Registration (OTS, DOC4, CTPA)
2. Initial Draft of Pressure Group List to be finalized
3. Central Coordinator (CC) to be appointed
4. LSS (Lok Sabha Seat) Categorization
5. Identification of Local teams (JeI, JeT, JuH etc.)
6. Identification of Flying (Formula, Facts & Dialogues) Team
7. Pre-Election Parties Coalition
8. Pressure Group, along with the Locals shall pressurize the EXTRA candidates to
withdraw nomination
9. Locals decide the Best Winnable Candidate
10.Relevant Vertical Team negotiates with the decided Candidate, with 2 questions-
1. How can you help us, help you win the Election?
2. How would you help our community after your win?"
11.Follow-up for Voting
Phase 1:- Voter IDs Registration
qTotal Lok Sabha Seats Connected for Phase 1
= 63 / 543
qTotal Groups/NGOs Connected = 24
qTotal Lok Sabha Seats Connected = 172 / 543
Groups / Teams / NGOs
1. Delhi & Haryana
1. Rehnuma Foundation
2. Mission Taleem
3. Empower India Trust
4. Volunteers of Change
2. Uttar Pradesh
1. Mission Taleem
2. Empower India Trust
3. SIO
4. Kareli Youths
5. Afkaar Foundation
6. Help Society
7. Sun Shine Society
3. Rajasthan & Madhya Pradesh
1. Mansouri Samaj
2. Al Furqan Educational Trust
4. Bihar, Jharkhand & West Bengal
1. Bihar Anjuman
3. Bihar Rabta Committee
4. Saharsa Zakaat Foundation
5. Rahbar Foundation
6. All India Pasmanda Samaj
7. Janghat Foundation
8. Bihar Youth Organization
9. Helping Hand Trust
10.Kolkata Masjid Welfare Association
11.Hikmah Foundation
12.Howrah Youths
13.Kharagpur Youths
5. Maharashtra
1. Muslim Softies
2. Universal Welfare Foundation
6. Tamil Nadu
1. SSC Volunteerism
7. Telangana
1. Hyderabad Youths
Phase 2:- LSS Categorization
A1 Category !! A Category !!
B Category !!
C Category !!
How can you CONTRIBUTE?? - M3
q Nominate yourself for
Flying Team in your Cluster
q Nominate yourself for
Vertical Team in your Lok
Sabha Seat
qSuggest names for Flying
Teams and Vertical Teams
1. Volunteers
2. NGO
3. Masjid Committee
4. Educational Institute
5. Healthcare Facility
qShare Ideas
qShare Information
qShare Contacts
qDo Documentation
qDo Coordination
qMedia Connect
qJudicial Connect
qParamedical Connect
q Everyone in Flying Team
might not afford the travel
q Everyone in your Vertical
Team might not afford the
travel expenses.
Data Mining Team- End Product
Ground Team- End Product
1. Print the Voter List Booth wise.
2. Visit each house along with Booth wise Voter List
and Verify how many names of eligible Voters are
there in the Voter List. Mark the Names.
3. If there are eligible Voters in the House who are
yet to be enrolled. Note down those names in a
note book.
4. Note down the Telephone Number of the head of
the family.
5. After completing the Verification of all houses /
Voters in the Booth, Prepare a statement of
names already existed and names to be enrolled.
6. Enroll the New Voters by filling up Form No. 6.
7. Entire Process should be completed within 15
days for 1 Booth.
Voter IDs Registration- Options